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Cathay Kitchen has come a long way from when they were carried by Foodler. They carry a wide menu of Chinese food. Some items of China town quality. Their Vegetable Raviolis are my favorite appetizer crispy and a very flavorful stuffing. My husband loves their Peking Raviolis and they will steam them if you ask. The Scallion pancakes are crispy and flavorful, the vegetables tempura are encased in a thin,crispy, batter that they apparently make themselves. They carry duck, 2 dishes, a rarity outside Chinatown. My husband says its really good. The Island Chicken Entree is a bit expensive but really good. They make it for me with all chicken, it normally comes as chicken and beef, I just don't eat beef much. My husband say the spicy tofu is really good as well. I am allergic to shrimp and they have quite an array of shrimp dishes. They have a side order menu that is very inclusive, you can get brown rice, or white, they have a side order of mixed steamed steamed vegetables including bamboo, baby corn, water chestnuts, as well as broccoli, carrots, Bok Choi, the Mooshi is made with the proper selection of
Chinese vegetables that truly make Mooshi taste like Mooshi should taste. We both love the Ginger Scallion Lo Mein, They serve steamed noodles on the sides menu. They also carry generous containers of some of their sauces. I normally get a pint of Ginger Soy from them every time we order. I use it when reheating extra rice, leftovers dressing vegetables, salads, it acts as a marinade for meat and is a classic sauce for steamed fish or poached fish, and good for baked salmon. I have had no flushing episodes or Migraines after eating their food so I'm guessing they use minimal MSG, but if it is a concern call ahead and ask. The 2 other appetizers I have tried are the Spring Rolls - the best I have ever had with very crispy vegetable filling and Crab Rangoon, crisp with real crab meat the soups are also classic and very good.


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My favorite chinese restaurant period. No place is perfect but they are pretty close to what anyone would ever want. I have tried many dishes and none have disappointed. The deliveries are fast and the food always arrives hot and delicious. I find them to be the best combination of value quality and service out of any area chinese delivery. You call them and they are friendly as heck and the drivers always are smiling. Competitors they have may do one aspect slightly better but fail by far when you look at the bigger picture of what cathay does. General Gao cannot be beat , but you really cannot go wrong with anything you order.


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I'm in love! Cathay Kitchen has proven to be a contender with some of the best Chinese Cuisines in Boston. Their service is prompt. Their food is fresh and hot when delivered. I forgot to mention I had a food allergy and when I called back within 10 minutes of ordering, my order had been prepared and was on its way. (they had given me a 30 minute window for delivery) They called back the driver and re-cooked my order without fussing at me:-) She just reminded me how serious that could be. Thank you Cathay Kitchen!


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food was excellent ... highly recommend general gao's chicken, singapore rice noodles, and roast pork lo mein ... the roast pork fried rice, roast pork egg foo yong, and beef teriyaki are quite tasty too ... delivery was fast so food was still hot when i served it definitely ... a 5 star for me


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We just moved to Dedham and were hoping to be able to find a great local Chinese place. This was our first order from Cathay Kitchen, and I can already tell we'll be ordering from there from here on out. Food was ready on time for pickup, tasted great, and came in HUGE portions!

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Delivery person came a little earlier than expected! He was extremely courteous. The food was GREAT!! Although, I do like my Singapore Noodles spicy. Cathay's is a little bland. All in all I will let them know to spice it up on the comments section of ordering next time ;-D.

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